Congratulations on your pregnancy! For the last decade, I have been providing doula and midwifery services to the families of Sonoma County and the North Bay as a Licensed Midwife. I provide home birth services, water birth, and midwifery care to women for the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods. I also provide labor support as a doula to couples planning hospital births. As a Home Birth Midwife, I am grateful to be part of the Natural Childbirth movement in Northern California, an area rich with support for women and families during the exciting and dynamic childbearing years. Enjoy my website and I look forward to hearing from you.

Birth is

Your birth experience has the potential to affect you deeply for the rest of your life. Expecting mothers and their partners undergo tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual changes before and during a birth. During pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, I help you understand and accept your own unique responses to events, while helping you cultivate trust in your body’s ability to give birth, and be more fully present during your experience.

Birth is

As your midwife or doula, I empower you with information & support to make conscious choices throughout your pregnancy and birth, either in a hospital setting or in your home.  Before the birth, I help you clarify your priorities and values, to help your family create a joyful and gentle beginning. Birth is a powerful time for all involved. My role is to support the transformative nature of pregnancy and birth, however it looks for you, your child and family.


Birth is

There is no right or wrong way to give birth, and each woman has unique needs before and during her birth experience. I provide comprehensive clinical care while supporting the emotional well-being of you, your partner, and your family.