Below are answers to the most common questions I get asked. Click on the question to see the answer.

Expectant mothers and couples can come to my care at any point in their pregnancy. When to start is a matter of personal preference, depending on your unique needs. Some families choose to wait until the second trimester, due to the risk of miscarriage in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

All of our visits will occur in your home. In the first month of working together, we will meet twice to establish your care. After this, our visits are monthly until you are 28 weeks or 7 months pregnant. Then we meet every other week until the last month of your pregnancy. At 36 weeks, we have a birth team meeting with everyone who will be attending your birth, and then we have weekly appointments until your baby comes.

Prenatal visits are usually 1 hour and cover nutrition, prenatal education, common discomforts, your emotional well being, getting prepared for home birth and routine medical monitoring of you and your baby. I am always available for additional visits as needed and indicated by you and your baby’s health.

Some of my clients get concurrent care with an OB or MD in addition to seeing me during their pregnancy and some do not.  I usually discuss this with each client and we create a care plan that meets your individual needs.

I can provide lab work and order ultrasounds, if needed or desired in your pregnancy.  I do not order routine ultrasounds unless clinically indicated or desired by the expectant mother.

I bring another midwife with me to your birth with the same or equivalent training/credentials to mine. You will have the opportunity to meet this midwife at a prenatal visit to ensure they are a good match for your birth team.

No. Pain medications are outside the scope of practice for Licensed Midwives and home birth. Midwives support a laboring woman with alternative and natural tools such as water birth, positions, massage, counter pressure, pressure points, homeopathy and herbs.

After your baby is born, care happens in your house, where I will do well-baby check-ups, assessment of your health and breast–feeding support. Visits typically occur at 1, 3, 7 days, 2 weeks, 4-weeks, and 6-weeks postpartum. At 6 weeks, we do a closure visit in my office.  Any additional visits happen on an as needed basis.

My guideline is to serve locations within an hour of Sebastopol, however have and do travel further when available to do so. Most of my clients are in Western Sonoma County: Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Windsor, Petaluma, Forestville and Guerneville. That being said, I do serve Mendocino, Napa, Marin Counties, East Bay and San Francisco if requested. With locations further from my base in West Sonoma, I assess the number of clients I have with similar due dates, their locations, and my availability to travel outside my usual range.

My $4800.00 midwifery fee includes all your prenatal care, the birth and postpartum care visits. Any additional visits are included. I generally ask a $1000.00 deposit to hold your due date, another $1000.00 at 20 and 28 weeks, with the remainder due at 36 weeks. I am flexible and open to other payment arrangements on an as needed basis. I can take credit cards through Paypal or Google Wallet. For 2017 due dates and beyond, my fee will increase to $5000.00.

For those desiring my services as a doula, my fee is $1800.00. I ask an $800.00 deposit and the remainder of the fee one month before your due date. Doula services include at least 3 prenatal visits, being on call of your birth, availability for questions throughout your pregnancy and an optional post-partum visit. If you come to my care for doula services in the first or second trimester, we will do monthly visits until your due date.

I accept insurance and work with a billing service to maximize my clients’ insurance reimbursement. Insurance reimbursement varies, depending on you plan. The bulk is usually paid to the client between 3-6 months postpartum. If you have insurance questions, I am happy to discuss this option in more detail, and guide you on what questions to ask your carrier. My care is typically reimbursed at your out-of-network rate. I use Medelect as my biller and you contract with them directly to bill your insurance provider.