This part 2 of a 2 part Series. See the Previous Post: The Delicate Balance of Early Labor:  How Early Labor Can Set the Tone for a Satisfying, Successful Birth. It’s the big day. You have finally started your labor. You are so excited and can’t wait to meet your baby. You call your midwife or the hospital. They tell you it’s early and not time yet to go in or have the midwife come yet. What to do now?… Read more »

The Delicate Balance of Early Labor: How Early Labor Can Set the Tone for a Satisfying, Successful Birth. This is part 1 of a 2 part Series. See Part 2: Tips for Coping With Early Labor coming soon. I have been feeling called to collate the following information. Many of the points discussed below are common wisdom amongst home birth midwives. They have been validated from my years of experience practicing as a Licensed Midwife in Sonoma County, CA.  I… Read more »

Appropriately so, there is tons of focus on what a mother needs in order to dig deep and move through the enormous, joyful task of birthing a baby. But what do fathers need to hold the space, witness deeply and support this experience? It is overwhelmingly my experience that most women in labor want to be supported primarily by their partners. Of course there are exceptions to this, but when a father feels empowered to help his sweetie during her… Read more »

I always wish I could tell what babies are thinking, sensing, seeing and smelling, especially when they make distinct expressions like these. Health care providers and society in general used to think that babies had no memory, emotions, or capacity to process their surroundings. Thanks to the work of pre and para natal psychologists, we now know that babies have incredible capacities. Now we know that babies are take in every experience in like they a sponge. This is why… Read more »

  Interviewing midwives for a home birth can be an overwhelming yet very rewarding task. Be assured that finding the right match will be worth the work. Birth is a very intimate event and the person attending yours will by default become part of your growing family. It can be a bit like dating, in that you have to find the right chemistry as well as someone who is skilled at their job and inspires confidence in your ability to… Read more »

Welcome to my blog! This is a blog for people who love natural childbirth whether in your own home, at a birth center or hospital. Some of my posts will be relevant to expecting families and some to childbirth professionals. I am a home birth midwife and birth doula practicing in beautiful Sonoma County, CA. And as your probably guessed , I love everything about birth–the smells, sweat, intensity, the beauty, and grace. There’s nothing like watching parents fall madly… Read more »